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IS Undelivered Messages Report
Everyone who runs an Answering Service has their staff preform occasional “Board Checks” or “Undelivered Message Checks”.

This takes time and things occasionally get missed. It is always a bad conversation with a customer to say that you answered the phone, you took the message and then you didn’t deliver it to the proper person.

TAS Innovations has a great labor saving program that helps solve this problem.

If you are on Infinity Intelligent Scripting, (IS) then you can run this report and it will bring up all the Undelivered Messages. You can then either deal with the message immediately or put in a date/time to resolve it sometime in the future.So if you get a message on Friday night, you don’t have to look at it every hour on the hour until Monday morning. Simply put it in for Monday at the appropriate time and the system will give it to you then. You only handle the messages that you need to and you don’t waste your time touching messages that you don’t need to.

Cost for this simple yet effective program is a one time charge of $500.
This includes one hour of remote technical assistance to set it up and $10 per month in support/upgrade fees, starting at month thirteen. 

If you are ready to make your Message Center more efficient and to serve your clients better, send an email to and we can help.