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​Stats Reporter Plus+ includes reports about Statistics or Call Details.The reports are based on the filter inputted.You can have reports daily, weekly monthly and include a variety of filters to get exactly what your client wants.See below for the set up screen.It’s easy!
Stats Reporter Plus+
Stats Reporter Plus+ is a solid automatic and reliable way to send critical statistics and call details to your customers.Stats Reporter Plus+ is a small software program that fills a niche. Answering customers need reports. And they need them accurately and on time. In our business we had staff every morning create a report and email it to the client.Sometimes it was great and was handled well.Sometimes we were late.Sometimes staff picked the wrong stats.Worse yet, occasionally we send the information to the wrong customer!And it took staff time.There had to be a better way. Stats Reporter Plus+ was born.Now you can schedule reports about Call Statistics or Call Details. Plus the system automatically sends it to a predetermined email address(s) at the schedule interval that you choose. Each report can be Customizedby you.Cost for this simple yet effective program is a one time charge of $500 which includes one hour of remote technical assistance to set it up and $15 per month in support/upgrade fees, starting at month thirteen. If you are ready to make your Message Center more efficient and to serve your clients better, send an email and we can help.

Call Detail Reporting
Stats Reporter Plus+ provides a Call Detail report that includes:
Date/Time of the call
Caller ID
Caller Name
Agent Initials
Call Duration
Below is a sample of what is automatically emailed to the recipients.Note that the same information is automatically included with the email as an Excel attachment so that your client can manipulate the information if they wish.
Statistics Reporting
​Stats Reporter Plus+ provides a statistics report that includes:Total Incoming CallsAutomated CallsAgent CallsSystem AbandonAssigned to AgentAgent abandonAnswered by Agent as a percentage of totalAnswered by Agent as a percentage of AssignedAverage work time of answered callsNumber of Calls put on hold by AgentAverage hold time of held callsAverage wait time for Operator of Agent callsCalls reaching an agent within 18 seconds (Three rings)Number of PatchesPatch timeBusies