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2016 NAEO Conference

Tas Innovations not only was one of the NAEO conference sponsors in San Diego but we also in conjunction with Pat Dye and Gary Puddles made a presentation about SMS. Also talked about Secure messaging and Call Forward Checker. Everyone enjoyed the talk.  See you all next year! 

2015 ATSI Conference

Tas Innovations makes a great presentation about PEG (Profit Enhancement Groups) at the Executive Forum. Click on the picture to find out more

2014 Support Cancer ManiCure 

Mike Shantz painting his nails Pink! Will it ever end? Click on the picture for more.

2013 Cam-X  Convention

TAS Innovations was a vendor at the CAM-X 2013 Convention and Mike Shantz not only dyed his hair, he shaved it off to support Breast Cancer. Click the picture for more.