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The PEG concept permits owners and senior management representatives to meet on a regular basis (usually quarterly) to review gross revenues and expenses with industry colleagues for the purpose of using the comparative exercise as well as the accompanying discussions to assist each other in improving their bottom lines…ie profit enhancement.

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Mike Leibowitz, Judy Craik and Mike Shantz are all established owners and operators of answering services with over 75 years of combined experience. They have been active participants in Industry associations in both the United States and Canada and as owner/managers of different answering service operations they have a depth of operational experience to draw from.  The three belong to the longest running Profit Enhancement Group, commonly referred to as PEG.In addition to running their individual companies, these three have joined together to create TAS-Innovations. The goal of their company is to market and support Innovative software to enhance and support the answering service industry. 


Profit & Loss Sample numbers