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Consultant Service

At TAS Innovations we have a team of well qualified individuals who are available for consultancy purposes. They can help you with the set up of your software, innovative solutions to various issues we all face and even assist in telephony issues. 

IT Management
Many TAS owners are great sales people, great staff motivators, excellent speakers and more but are not comfortable in the IT world. We have experts who can assist in setting things up, monitoring processes and making sure the office runs smoothly so you can concentrate on the things you do best. 

Office Moves
Moving the office and your infrastructure is a difficult process and fraught with peril. There are logistics for staff, customers, telephone services, hardware etc. We can help reduce the stress and shrink the downtime.  

Disaster and Continuity Planning
With a background in 911 and being a graduate from the school of hard knocks, Mike Shantz is an expert in always having a back up in place. Mike and the team know what you need to have in place to keep your operation running so you can serve your clients.   

Telephone Consultancy
​ With all the choices today it is hard to keep up.  Speak to the experts who know about SIP Trunking, PRI service, POTS, and more. Some clients have saved thousands of dollars a month after having their telephone services analysed.   

​ Our consultants can log on to your system either remotely or arrange to be on site.Standard rate is $150 per hour (including travel time) plus expenses.Inquire at to set this up.